Debbie Lesko

Vote WISELY AZ. debbie lesko is nothing more than a “vote yes” rubber stamp for trump while he robs you. he attack the poor, colored people & immigrants. if you want trump impeached vote democrat.

debbie lesko is a big fan of betsy devos. they both want to end public education. & & ain’t about choice. the poor can’t afford charter schools!

*The House plans to debate a measure that would take more than $200 million a year from school districts that receive funding to provide an equal opportunity education to minority students. Decades ago the federal government ordered 19 school districts to end racial discrimination practices and allowed them to levy higher local property taxes to pay for the changes.

our country was founded by IMMIGRANTS. did you know debbie lesko hates immigrants just like trump does. & &

what special interest groups supports debbie lesko, what group is she a member of? scroll down she’s a member of the 👉NRA 👈..

where does debbie lesko get her campaign money &

did you know debbie lesko she’s a racist trump supporter its all over her voting record wow thought only trump acted badly

know your candidates Lying Lesko 👉 & &


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